New Faculty at the Poznan University of Technology
Jerzy Dembczyński

Nowadays it can be stated that the process of creation of the Faculty of Technical Physics, crowned on 22.01.1997 with the resolution of the Senate of the Poznan University of Technology, establishing the Faculty of Technical Physics, had already begun in the year 1966. Then, owing to the suggestion of the then Rector of the Poznan University of Technology, Professor Z. Jasicki, to Poznan came the lecturer PhD habilitus Mieczysław Frąckowiak with the objective of establishing a unit, which was to conduct both academic teaching and fully-fledged academic research. To the than established Chair of Physics, of whom Head was to be lecturer Frąckowiak, Rector appointed 18 academic teachers. The vast majority of them (more than ¾) were young people, immediately after studies or with maximum 1-2 years of work experience. Lecturer Frąckowiak, during his short, 8-years of academic work at the Poznan University of Technology laid down the foundations of the future Faculty. PhD habilitus Frąckowiak, student of the Professors Pieńkowski, Jabłoński as well as Nobel Prize Laureate’s Professor Herzberg, was a scientist of a great scope of activity, enthusiasm to work, an optimist, who beginning his work never thought that the end can be different than expected. In the 1970 the Chair of Physics was transformed into the institute of Physics, and Lecturer Frąckowiak was nominated to be its first Director. The main of focus of the scientific research of the Institute of Physics was:

  • luminescence of inorganic substances,
  • physics of thin layers of semiconductors,
  • atom spectroscopy.

In the year 1970 the lecturer Frąckowiak unexpectedly, in the age of mere 50 years, died, leaving a team of 1 professor, 3 lecturers, 10 scientists with PhD and 25 employees with Master’s title. The second head of the Institute was the wife of the lecturer Frąckowiak, Danuta Frąckowiak who came to work at the Poznan University of Technology from Poznan’s Academy for Agriculture and continued as the head of the Institute until 1981. During this period, several PhD disserations and first 3 habilitation theses of the students of the late Professor Frąckowiak were completed. Furthermore, the scientific research was enlarged as to encompass biophysics and molecular physics. Even after formal retirement from the function of the Director of the Institute, Professor Frąckowiak supervised the scientific investigations, contributing to the development of the research on the fields of:

  • molecular physics in the respect of distribution and conversion of the energy and physical properties of the particles,
  • research into the structure of atom
  • investigation into the properties of the solid state,
  • technology of thin-layer set of semi-conductors,
  • physics of fluid crystals and technology of liquid crystal investigators

The milestone for further development was the establishment of studies in Technical Physics at the Poznan University of Technology in the year 1992. Since the very beginning, the syllabus of the studies at the Technical Physics, differently than syllabus of the academic physics, encompasses also technical subjects, making the studies closer to the needs of highly sophisticated industry.